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Every voice of the customer strategy needs a firm technological foundation and OnCue is just that. A perfect cornerstone for gathering customer feedback from your digital properties.  Once you have the platform on which to control all of your voice of the customer research tools, you will want to invest in solutions that not only collect feedback, but fuel continuous improvement.  We have developed two voice of the customer solutions that, when combined with OnCue, will jump start your VoC program. WebIQ® Attitudinal Analytics® is an advanced customer experience research solution that has been deployed on hundreds of Fortune 500 sites over the last 14 years.  Backed by our team of experienced online user experience analysts, Attitudinal Analytics helps you get the answers to WHERE and WHY visitors struggle or fail on your web properties.  We then help you define and prioritize solutions to uncovered usability and business issues.  Enhanced Page Level Feedback™, our new research solution enables your customers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback so you can quickly identify and fix specific page issues.

WebIQ® Attitudinal Analytics®

The ultimate tool for continuous website improvement, WebIQ® Attitudinal Analytics® is a survey solution that benchmarks the complete customer experience on a website. Utilizing demographic and behavior-based questions, as well as click stream data, WebIQ® Attitudinal Analytics® includes monthly dashboards and at least one deep dive analysis. These deliverables provide actionable recommendations to help fuel continuous improvement of visitor success and conversion. Like the other voice of the customer solutions, Attitudinal Analytics® runs on the OnCue® Platform but it is completely customized to meet client objectives and comes with comprehensive data analysis. Using this methodology, we have over a decade’s experience helping our clients:

  1. Identify WHO is coming to your website
  2. Find WHERE failures are happening
  3. Understand WHY they are failing
  4. Pinpoint WHAT actions to take to fix these identified issues.


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Enhanced Page Level Feedback™

EmergrncySwitch_FINAL_small Out of the box, OnCue provides an easy way to add voice of the customer feedback buttons to your web pages using any survey tool you choose (such as SurveyMonkey or Confirmit for example.). Enhanced Page Level Feedback™ is a pre-configured solution and takes VoC page level feedback to another level by:

  • Sending email alerts to the parties responsible for responding to the feedback
  • Providing an interactive online dashboard to easily monitor and analyze your page level feedback
  • Integrating with your CRM or bug tracking software if they provide the means to do so
  • Getting instant customer feedback to fix bugs, and make changes at the page level that will affect conversion and visitor success


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