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The OnCue team is continuously working hard to make integrating OnCue’s supported tools into your website as simple as point and click.  We regularly work directly with the tool vendors to ensure we have access to each tool and any development help we might need.  The first list consists of tools that are currently supported within OnCue.  The second lists tools that should work out of the box with OnCue.  If you don’t see a tool you would like supported in the list below, just let us know!

Tools With Built in OnCue Support

Tool Details To Site

123 Contact Form is the leading provider of self-service surveys in the world. Site

A session replay provider that lets you visualize your visitor’s site interactions to locate site issues that are negatively affecting the user experience. Site

Feedback services provider that helps you Listen. Engage. Convert. Site

Online Usability Testing – Powerful, Simple Site

Event-driven analytics provider that lets you look at site analytics from a different perspective than norm Web Analytics. Site

OptmailWorkshop has three tools that help you design better navigation systems or test first impressions of designs: OptimalSort, TreeJack and Chalkmark Site

Tool that provides affordable online Forms and Feedback services. Site

Self-service survey provider with an advanced API that lets you build easy to complex surveys. Site

Our very own advanced behavior-based survey system.  Let’s you ask questions based on any variation of user behavior.  This is a turnkey service provided by Usability Sciences. Site

Other (any URL-based tool)

A native Tool in OnCue. It allows OnCue to deploy any application that uses a URL to present itself to the user. Examples, Other Survey Venders, Card Sorts, Tree Tests etc. Native to OnCue

Other (JavaScript-based tool)

A native Tool in OnCue. It allows OnCue to deploy most applications that uses a JavaScript tag to integrate with the website. Examples, Other analytics products, heat maps, chat programs etc. Native to OnCue

The most advanced self-service Form building application with integrations with third party platforms. Site

*ClickTale sometimes requires special coding to be added to a site to correctly capture certain site events.  This coding needs to be done in addition to installing the OnCue tag.

More Tools

OnCue supports any application that utilizes a URL to show the application or any application that utilizes JavaScript to integrate with the page**.  An example of a URL based application would be a card sort research tool where the URL is usually sent to the user via email.  An example of a javascript based tool would be a tool like CrazyEgg® which creates heat maps of where the user clicks on a page.  We are sure there will be examples of individual applications that should work but do not play nice.  We will work to make them play nice as that is what OnCue is all about.

**OnCue does NOT support JavaScript based applications that must be present when the document begins to load.  An example of a NOT supported application would be A/B testing tools like Monetate since they require complete control of the webpage.

Applications supported by OnCue

Survey and Form builders – Just about every survey and form building application can be used with OnCue. This includes SurveyMonkey®, SurveyGizmo®, Wufoo®, 123Contactform®, Qualtrics®, Vovici®, Confirmit®, Questback® etc.

Session Replay – ClickTale®, ghostrec®, mouseflow®, usabilitytools®, visitpath®, inspectlet®

Analytics Tools – Mixpanel®, KISSmetrics®, Compete® and any other analytics tool that does not require it be loaded at the beginning of the document

Usability Testing Tools – Loop11®, usabilitytools®, intutionHQ® are tools that record users ala a webex like experience such as, userlytics etc. can be integrated with live users using OnCue to intercept them and then launch into the tool.  Again if it works by emailing a user a URL then it can be integrated into the site to work with live visitors.

Heatmap Tools – CrazyEgg®, Clickdensity®, labsmedia®, inspectlet® etc.

Tree Testing – Treejack®, C-Inspector®, Naview®

Card Sorting – Optimalsort®, usabiliTest®, SimpleCardSort®, xSort®

Website/Screenshot Feedback – Chalkmark®, clicktest®, Verify®, fivesecondtest®, bagelhint®

Page Feedback – OnCue with any survey tool, Kampyle®, GetSatisfaction®, usabilla®, opinionlab®, any other feedback button type tool that uses JavaScript to integrate into the page.

Advanced Research Tools – WebIQ®Shopping Cart Abandonment Analytics™Ecommerce Predictive ROIEnhanced Page Level Feedback


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