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ShoppingCartAbandonment_FINAL_smallShopping cart abandonment does not always indicate a negative decision by the visitor. Many use the cart as a calculator. Others intend to come back, especially if they have been incentivized to do so. But how do you know if there is a real obstacle to your customer converting? Web site analytics can tell you how many customers get to each step in your checkout process and how many drop out, analytics cannot tell you who these users are or why they left the site. So how do you know exactly what issues keep visitors from converting?

OnCue’s Shopping Cart Abandonment Analytics™ answers the question of why a customer might leave a full shopping cart. It can also help you, the site owner; make grounded and educated decisions for the design of your site shopping cart and checkout process. Finally, it quantifies those other reasons customers might not want to purchase so you can clear any and all obstacles to conversion.

A few of the benefits of OnCue Shopping Cart Abandonment Analytic™s:

  • Answers the question: why are my users abandoning their shopping carts?
  • Provides the specific reasons for dropping out at different drop out points
  • Provides demographic data on abandoning users
  • Helps build purchasing personas
  • Identifies shopping cart and checking process anomalies
  • Integrates easily with ClickTale® or MixPanel® for session replay or event driven analytics.
  • Lets you act quickly when there is a problem.

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