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PrioritizeDevelop_FINAL_smallHave you ever felt that your development budget was nothing more than a crapshoot?  How do you really know where you will get the most bang for your buck?

The new OnCue Predictive ROI Model™ takes the guessing out of where to spend your valuable development resources.  Using a Predictive Model developed in conjunction with Decision Analysts’ Predictive Analytics group, Usability Sciences gathers user feedback and visitor shopping behavior that feeds a predictive model that will tell you exactly where you will get the biggest bang for your buck.


OnCue Ecommerce Predictive ROI™ ask’s five simple questions of site visitors and tracks visitor behavior on the site to fuel a predictive model that determines the following:

  • All of the reasons for failure by top level category.
  • Level of lost conversion by top level category.

When you provide the cost of suggested fixes and the sites annual revenue, different scenario outcomes can be run to determine the predicted ROI for each fix.  Don’t just use your gut to decide where you spend your limited development budget but instead, allocate your budget with confidence.

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