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Take IT out of the customer experience research equation so you can:

  • Conduct easy site intercept surveys
  • Run more than one research project at a time
  • Manage research on more than one website at a time
  • Use best in class tools so you don’t get locked into using a tool you don’t want or need.
  • Get the data you need to make sound business decisions faster.


OnCue® adds a research layer to every website/mobile site within an enterprise making voice of the customer, enterprise feedback management systems and do-it-yourself user research tools easy to deploy and manage with little or no IT involvement.

While enabling advanced sampling of site visitors and the integration of multiple research tools into the site’s research deployment, OnCue® also provides a central point to manage all the research rules for any tool you choose to deploy. Different teams (site search, product page, checkout, consumer research, for example) are able to run projects concurrently while ensuring that a site visitor will never be invited to participate in more than one initiative during a single visit.


How the OnCue® Platform Works

With the OnCue® Platform, the researcher has complete control of deploying website research across one or all websites within an enterprise.   It’s as easy as…

1. Define your research project


2. Select visitor sample traits and target pages



3. Deploy research and start gathering the data you need to answer important business questions



Comprehensive Platform

Control all of your research on a single platform
Manage multiple research projects
Supports 3rd party research tools

Rules based management


Works on any web and mobile web


Deploy 3rd party research tools without conflicts

Ensure visitor user experience is best possible


Use opt-in dialogs, feedback buttons or show directly on the page


User interface components are cross browser and mobile responsive


Respondent sampling based on

Geo locations
Cookie values
Time on site
Time on page
IP addresses
Pages visited
Custom JavaScript Events


Cloud-based scalable platform



Faster research results

  • No need to wait for the IT support – Do-it-yourself or turn-key research management
  • Manage multiple research projects and research tools on a single platform
  • Get the answers faster than ever

More comprehensive research

  • Deploy multiple tools easily without conflicts
  • Supports both web and mobile web
  • Available OnCue Research Suite for targeted solutions

Lower research cost

  • Get more out of your current tools
  • No need for IT support expenses
  • Flexible pricing to suit your research scope
  • Effectively transforms site visitors into inexpensive research panel

OnCue® Research Your Way

OnCue® is the foundation for a website research strategy that works within your time and budget.  If you have the time and ability to manage your research, then the OnCue® Platform is easy enough for anyone to master. Manage research yourself while also leveraging other ecommerce solutions USC has built in conjunction with OnCue.  If you’re pressed for time, let our team completely manage your website research strategy including building, deploying, and analyzing research based not only on our solutions, but any 3rd party tool to which you have access.


Take charge of your customer experience research!

Use the best tools and never wait on IT again