OnCue was designed primarily to facilitate online market research, but we quickly realized that it had a vast array of possible applications.  We knew there was a category of DIY tools that primarily focused on building online forms.  What makes a form different from a survey is how it is processed, and the systems that they integrate with. 

  • Contact forms that feed directly into CRM systems like SalesForce.com.
  • Forms that can actually take credit card information and process orders through a variety of credit card processing companies.
  • Feedback forms that generate support cases in a bug tracking software.
  • Forms built primarily for idea generation.

Whatever the need there are tools out there that let you quickly build an online form and either distribute it via email or embed it into your website.

123ContactForm is just such a company and we are happy to tell you they are also one of our valued partners.  Using OnCue to target and deploy forms built with 123ContactForm gives the users of both systems a powerful new way to interact with site visitors.  No more headaches associated with having a web developer change your website to integrate a form or a feedback button.  Just build the form, figure out where you want to show the form, and determine how you want the form to interact with the visitor.  Then simply deploy.

Watch a Video of deploying 2 types of 123ContactForm web forms  using OnCue.

Some example applications might be:

  1. You are not an ecommerce website but using OnCue and 123ContactForm web forms you could offer a special rate on a targeted service if they place their order right now.  Using OnCue you could move this special around to different services.
  2. You could pop up a form on your “Design Your Own Dress” page to solicit ideas about the feature.
  3. Maybe you want to get feedback from all site pages and want to deploy the 123ContactForm Feedback button.  With OnCue you can turn it on for all the pages or have different forms tied to the button on different pages with no extra programming required.

Want to give it a go? Signup to be a beta user for OnCue or go to 123ContactForm to learn more about their great product.

What would you do with a powerful form application like 123ContactForm and OnCue?

Using OnCue To Deploy ClickTale On Command.

ClickTale is a great tool for getting a visual understanding of what people are doing on your website.  Whether it’s individual visits showing a replay of what the user did with mouse movements and clicks or i’ts utilizing the great aggregate reports for scrolling and click heat maps there are a lot of ways you might want to use ClickTale.

The challenge is targeting ClickTale when and where you want it.  There are probably some key pages you want to record every time a user visits but you probably don’t want to record every page for every visitor as it could become incredibly overwhelming.  Also if you wanted to turn ClickTale on then off again you would have to insert the targeted pages with the ClickTale tags and then remove them when you are finished.   Using OnCue to deploy ClickTale you can easily turn ClickTale on and off and even change its settings without repetitive tagging or additional coding.

Watch the video to see just how easy it is to use OnCue to deploy ClickTale.

A couple of notes about ClickTale deployments:  Sometimes ClickTale requires you to add code to your site so that it can record all of the data you want captured.  OnCue does not do this specialized step for you as every site can be configured differently.  OnCue will work just fine once these steps are taken and for sites like the one in the video there were no special steps that had to be taken.

A New Perspective On ClickTale Data

Second, the video only touches on it but we have enabled a feature in ClickTale that we think gives the analysis of the replays a whole different perspective.  By default ClickTale records every page in the context of a single user. So every user that visits a tagged page the recordings continue to attach to the user so that a recording that happened yesterday will show up in sequence to ones recorded last month.

What OnCue allows you to do is record all of the pages from a single user browser session as a single entity. You get to watch a single browsing session as it happened through ClickTale enabled pages. That way you can match the recording up to similar data sets like your web analytics.  Clicktale allows you to do this by deleting the UserID cookie when the user loads the first tagged page.  You would have to write some custom code handle that but what ClickTale cannot do even the manual way is make this new perspective work across different top level domains.  Because OnCue works across multiple domains in most browsers we handle that for you.

This is an example of the kinds of things we plan on doing with OnCue as we move forward.  We don’t want to just turn your tools on and off we want to make them work better and smarter by leveraging OnCue as the no coding platform that lets you easily integrate self service tools not only with the web site but the rest of the supported tools also.

Want to give it a go? Signup to be a beta user for OnCue. To learn more about OnCue, see the announcement from Usability Sciences.

The number of tools available to conduct user experience research has grown tremendously over the last 5 years.  There are 5 second tests, 1st click tests, usability software of many varieties, tree tests, card sorts, session replay, heatmaps, and the list continues to grow. What most of these tools have in common is that they are self-service, it’s easy to create research projects and to manage them but unless you have your own list of users they are recruiting from either home grown panels/communities or the big panel companies.  So the big questions are; Are you getting the right users for your research and are you taking advantage of your most important user resource to fuel your UX research.Most of these tools are affordable, easy to use and they offer a lot of value for specific UX needs if those two simple questions can be answered in the affirmative.

So where are the right users?   Well unless you are targeting a new market segment they come to your website every day and their behavior on your site can easily segment the target users if only you had a way to intercept them at the point of performing that behavior.  With OnCue our new online research management tool you get all of that with just a few simple clicks.

Example Video about how easy it is to use OnCue to turn your site into a UX research platform.

For example the director of marketing is upset that accessories on your ecommerce site are not selling very well and has put forth the hypothesis that it’s the taxonomy of the accessories section of the site that is at fault.  How are you going to prove/disprove this before he hauls off and spends $50k for a new redesign of the section?

Having done a little taxonomy work in the past you know that there are companies like OptimalSort offering the ability to do card sorts and tree testing that could quickly give you the answer you needed provided you could get a good sample of people who are looking to purchase accessories from your site.  Now with OnCue at your disposal, you can easily target users of your site that visit any of the sub sections of the Accessories section of the site, ask them to opt-in to the Tree Test study you created, turn it on and watch your data roll in.   When you have a statistically significant sample size you simply log into OnCue and disable the test.  No need to call up your IT team, no need to spend thousands on panelists to get the answers you need to make sound business decisions.

Want to give it a go? Signup to be a beta user for OnCue. To learn more about OnCue, see the announcement from Usability Sciences.

Do you wish you knew more about what your visitors actually did on your website? When they come to your homepage, do you know what they actually look at and what they ignore? Are they seeing what you want them to see, and more importantly, are they doing what you want them to do? The sad reality is that most websites are completely blind to customer behavior inside the page, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

ClickTale is a unique solution that gives you a front row seat to watch, see and and understand your customers’ real-life online behavior.  Visitor recordings of individual customers navigating your site, as well as aggregate views such as heatmaps, reveal every mouse move, click, hover, and scroll of visitors interacting with your webpages.

Watch your visitors, discover why they leave and perfect your usability

If one of your visitors does not convert (which obviously never happens on your website!), ClickTale’s real-time Visitor Recordings show exactly where and why you lost a potential customer. You can then use this insight to make changes to the design, content, messaging and layout of the page in order to prevent this problem in the future. This ensures that you are continuously optimizing usability and maximizing conversion rates.

ClickTale is one of the solutions we have handpicked to integrate with our new product, OnCue, designed to make research easy, available, affordable, and scalable to websites of all sizes.

OnCue eliminates the roles of IT and JavaScript from your customer research life cycle with a single simple tag for your site and a dynamic research deployment and management system. With OnCue, you can deploy your new ClickTale account quickly and accurately without requiring input from your IT team.

If you are interested in learning more, visit www.clicktale.com.

About ClickTale

ClickTale is the leader in Customer Experience Analytics, the next advance in web analytics, optimizing usability and maximizing conversion rates of any website. Its patented Customer Experience Visualization™ technology allows ebusinesses to see their customers’ true-to-life online experience at all levels of detail, from aggregated views to playable videos of users’ browsing sessions. Unlike traditional analytics platforms that assess page-to-page navigation, ClickTale reveals the customer experience inside the page. ClickTale, an enterprise-class SaaS solution, is fast to deploy and provides immediate ROI. Serving over 2,000 customers worldwide including Fortune 500 ebusinesses, ClickTale is the fastest growing company in its space.

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