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OnCue Panel is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that allows researchers to track panelist’s web browsing behavior.  By integrating OnCue Panel into the research process, researchers can target their research to specific on-line behaviors such as product research, shopping, and purchasing, which reduces their reliance on self-reported behavior.

To use OnCue Panel, panelists install the OnCue Panel browser extensions that monitor their browsing behavior. This is then used by the researcher to present surveys targeted in part to panelists’ actual behaviors.

How OnCue Panel Works

First, panelists are recruited from one or more existing online panels and asked to install the OnCue Panel browser panel1extension. The panelist clicks on a specially formatted link that will register them for the panel.  Depending upon the panel companies level of integration they are then asked to create an OnCue panelist account. The panelist creates the account, validates their email address, and installs the browser extension. Once the extension is installed, the panelist’s behavior is tracked in full or based upon specific rules setup for a particular OnCue Panel.  *Note: using the OnCue Panel Integration API, the user would not have to provide an email address nor validate.  This means the panel would contain complete control of the panelist relationship.

Market researchers can query the collected data and set up data subscriptions to target specific behaviors. By combining the OnCue behavioral data with the online panel’s demographic data, very precisely targeted research samples can be created.

With OnCue Panel, researchers can use a wide variety of research tools to conduct  behaviorally targeted surveys (either post-browsing or in  real-time) as well as web behavior tracking studies

OnCue Panel Privacy Control

Privacy is always of the upmost importance, which is why the panelist has complete control of panel participation. The panelist can easily uninstall or disable the extension, which stops data collection immediately. Using the OnCue account, the panelist has the ability to delete all collected data for the account from the OnCue systems.

Types of Research with OnCue Panel

  1. General behavioral tracking: Market Researchers can create a general behavioral tracking panel where all panelist web behavior is tracked and query against the panelist data to conduct research as needed.
  2. Behavioral Profiling: When a panel is large enough, aggregated behaviors can be sold to provide behavioral reports such as top sites for specific demographics, or information such as cross-site visitation (i.e., other sites that are more likely to be visited by visitors to a given site).  The more data collected the more value that will be gained.
  3. Targeted behavioral tracking: Targeted market consumers are brought into the panel to track them for specific behaviors or based on specific demographics; for example, home buying, car buying, travel purchases, or health care providers, patients, mothers, etc. These panels could collect all browsing activities or could be restricted to collect topic-specific URL’s.
  4. Real-time behavioral research: Using best-in-class research tools, researchers can conduct in-the-moment research as panelists work with and use an actual website or browse the web.  This type of research is great for gaining competitive insights or understanding behavior-based decisions that take place in a single session.  Researchers can use their preferred survey tool to capture real time feedback about buying decisions or to gather competitive intelligence.
  5. Single browsing session controlled research:  Using best-in-class tools, researchers can drive recruited panelists through a single browsing session.  They can ask panelists to perform specific tasks and afterwards gather their feedback through surveys, UX tools or feedback tools.  It is ideal for usability research or competitive analysis.
  6. Consumers’ purchase decision-making and competitive intelligence research: By analyzing web pages consumers visit, researchers can gain insights into how consumpanel2ers get competitive product and services information, and make decision to buy which product.
  7. Branding and media advertisement planning and measurement: By analyzing consumers’ web browsing behavior, marketers can develop optimized digital advertisement programs targeting actual sites visited by consumers.  Once the advertisement is executed, researchers can measure its impact by the actual behaviors.


Benefits of Behavioral Tracking and Behavioral Targeting

Using on-line behavioral targeting is more accurate than reliance on self-reported behavioral data identifying desired respondents for a particular research.

An example of an OnCue Panel would be to track the behavior of mothers with babies for an ecommerce research. These mothers would be recruited from an existing panel and asked to opt in to have their web behavior tracked. Researchers can then create research studies to behaviorally target these mothers based on their online researching, shopping, or purchasing activities. A specific scenario would be to ask questions of the mothers that were actually shopping online for diapers.

When the panel company combines the panelist’s behavioral data with the demographic and attitudinal data they already possess, very revealing patterns are identified. In the above example for instance, a behavioral and demographic profile could be provided along with the research study to show the different top websites visited by mothers that shop for diapers on walmart.com vs. mothers that shop on target.com.  This data would be valuable in fine-tuning diaper advertising to the actual sites visited by desired panelists.

How OnCue Partners with Panel Companies and Market Researchers

OnCue Panel is provided as a service and fees are charged on a per-panel basis. The cost of the panel depends on how many panelists are included, how much data is being collected and the type of access to the data that is needed.

OnCue Research Inc partners with companies like Usability Sciences and Decision Analyst which have in-house implementation and project management teams ready to help setup, monitor and deliver requested data. Because they have access to all of the panelists’ data, the Panel Company or Market Researcher will be the primary analyst for any conducted research.

In addition to the SaaS solution, OnCue Research Inc. is also willing to discuss licensing agreements that might include white labeling the OnCue application to more fully integrate it into existing applications.

OnCue Panel Architecture

OnCue Panel is implemented on Google’s highly scalable App Engine and BigQuery platforms and makes use of extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers to facilitate the collection of data. Data collection rules are enforced on the client side to ensure optimized resource utilization and on the server side to ensure the integrity of the data that is collected. Recruitment into the panel is based upon a double opt-in process by requiring the creation of a panelist account and validation of the panelist’s email address.

Basic views into a Panel’s collected data are provided by both the OnCue Panel Portal and the OnCue API (Application Programming Interface).  Advanced analysis of the data can be optionally performed by directly connecting to a Panel’s BigQuery dataset. The data returned can be actual session data and/or a list of panelist IDs that match the specified query.

OnCue Panel Primary Features

  • Browsing Behavior Capture

o   All capture: *.* URL capture

o   Dynamic tracking of URL’s based upon URL or content pattern matching

o   Utilizes Chrome and Firefox browser extensions

  • Multiple Panels Support

o   Multiple Panel Provider Support (OnCue Panels can be multi-sourced from multiple panel providers)

o   Single Panelist To Multiple Panels Support (Panelists can belong to more than one OnCue Panel even from different panel providers)

  • Panelist Control of Captured Data

o   Panelists ultimately own their data and can prevent data collection

o   Panelists can stop capturing by uninstalling or disabling browser extension

o   Panelists can delete captured data by deleting the OnCue panelist account

  • Single browsing session controlled research

o   Allows single browsing session capture with third party research tools, such as surveys, UX tools, or feedback tools.

o   Panelist perform specific tasks in real time during the session

  • Admin Reports (basic reports)

o   (Coming soon) Number of panelists, capture activities

  • URL Aliasing

o   For easy categorization of captured web pages

o   Ability to alias URL’s so that a website or web page can be easily categorized

  • Query Captured Data

o   Utilizes Google Big Query (Access to all panel data via Google BigQuery)

o   Basic Query UI (User Interface)

o   (Coming soon) Basic query subscription API

o   (Coming soon) Complex query – Behavioral Profiling Query UI

o   (Coming soon) Complex query – Behavioral Profiling Subscription API

  • Optional Complete Access to Captured Data

o   Access to daily updated copy of panel data in Big Query

  • Data Visualization Dashboard

o   (Coming soon) Tableau visualization dashboard

o   (Coming soon) Customization of dashboard


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