Have you ever had a question about your customers that could be quickly answered with a simple SurveyMonkey survey on your website? Have you ever wanted to poll users about a new feature on your site to get opinions—and data—fast? Thanks to OnCue by Usability Sciences, now you can unleash the power of SurveyMonkey to gather the feedback you need from your online visitors. Simply add a single tag to your site to gain complete control of when, where, and how you send surveys on your website.

OnCue manages multiple research projects on your site with a simple point-and-click interface that you can control from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Just like SurveyMonkey, OnCue is designed to make research easy, available, affordable, and scalable to web sites of all sizes.

Sample video of OnCue in action on SurveyMonkey’s website.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Ask brides-to-be visiting your site’s wedding registry section a few questions about the types of products they want to see.
  • Invite users who spend at least one minute on a product page to take a quick survey.
  • Turn on a feedback button on every page of your registration process to capture user comments.

Want to give it a go? Current SurveyMonkey customers can sign up to be a beta user for OnCue. To learn more about OnCue, see the announcement from Usability Sciences.

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One of our customers is a pure-play e-commerce business. They wanted to quantify interest in a radical new service option. To gain competitive advantage, they needed answers quickly — much faster than it would take if they gathered responses through their continuously running intercept survey, which invites 1 in every 100 visitors. To install code for a short, stand-alone survey, however, the research folks would typically have had to wait for the next code push, a monthly event. In this case, they had just missed the August push.

The site, however, uses OnCue tags. OnCue tags effectively transform the website into an always-on research channel. OnCue obviates the need for IT involvement, so the research team did not need to sync its spot survey to the code-push schedule. In this instance, a 6-question branching survey went up the next day, which was a Friday. By Monday morning, the research team was looking at a dashboard containing 4,000 responses. Interest in the new service option was overwhelmingly positive.

But this is where the situation becomes interesting. As always, data begets more questions. Seeing the initial data, the CEO wanted to quantify the conversion lift the new service could create. So the survey was modified. This time, the focus was on quantifying the lift from visitors who researched a product on the site but went to a local store (in other words to a competitor) to buy it. That modified survey went live on the Thursday evening. Again, the team had a dashboard waiting for it on Monday morning that allowed them to quantify the potential conversion lift. The CEO made the decision to go forward with the new service that same week, confident that the decision was based on the best sample they could possibly gather – their own site visitors. Speed, sample quality and size, and data relevance make for confident decision-making.

 –Roger Beynon, CSO, Usability Sciences

OnCue…It’s got teeth

We’ve got something new coming, and we know you’re going to love it. OnCue is a brand-new product that provides enterprise-level research features to websites of all sizes. It also works great with many of the tools you already know and love, such as SurveyMonkey®, SurveyGizmo®, ClickTale®, Mixpanel®, and more.

So, what makes OnCue so awesome and dynamic?

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For one, it’s not just about Web analytics and surveys: it’s about realizing that your website is your research platform. Let that thought settle in for a moment.

Your website is your research platform.

It’s not merely your voice for converting visitors to customers; your website can also be your eyes and ears into your customer’s wants, needs and experiences. OnCue makes it easy for you to manage your website as a research platform and lets you realize the full potential of the online research tools at your disposal to quickly get the information you need to make smart business decisions.

Using our proprietary technologies, we’ve conducted customized behavioral, intercept-based research for Fortune 500 companies for over 12 years. We know what works and what doesn’t, what annoys users, and what annoys researchers.

We’ve also talked to many site owners and researchers who don’t have the volume or revenue to hire our customized research services. We find this situation unfortunate, because as researchers, we know the positive impact that a little bit of data has on a website’s mission and implementation.

We’ve also seen a lot of great self-service research tools that have recently come onto the market. However, we’ve seen those tools face the same obstacles that prevent website owners from fully utilizing them to truly understand their customers.

Demo of OnCue deploying SurveyMonkey survey

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OnCue is designed to tackle those problems and to make research easy, available, affordable, and scalable to websites of all sizes.

OnCue eliminates the roles of IT and JavaScript from your customer research life cycle with a single simple tag for your site and a dynamic research deployment and management system. With OnCue, the full power of a curated set of research tools is at your command.

OnCue gives you:

  • A curated set of awesome tools
  • Intelligent intercepts
  • One simple tag
  • Rules-based sampling
  • Data sharing
  • Simple dynamic deployments
  • Zero coding
  • Affordable self service

If you think these features are what you’re looking for, sign up for the OnCue beta and be one of the first to get your hands on it. It’s OnCue, it’s got teeth, and it’s coming soon.


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