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OnCue is an enterprise level digital research management platform that turns all of an enterprises websites into an “always on” research system and effectively transforms its site visitors into an inexpensive research panel. OnCue’s mobile-friendly, no-coding interface, allows researchers and site owners to answer to the business questions they never would have asked because the old way was too slow or too costly. With OnCue, researchers can deploy behaviorally-targeted, 3rd party surveys, forms, online usability tests, eye tracking, card sorts, tree tests and other customer experience research tools without the need for an IT professional.

With the power of the OnCue Platform, any company can now implement a holistic website research strategy that includes Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback, customer experience research, usability/user experience research and pure market research insights.  OnCue provides the flexibility to control and deploy customer experience analytics solutions without IT help. At the same time OnCue let’s one or more researchers use inexpensive do-it-yourself tools or Enterprise Feedback Management systems to easily conduct site intercept research.  With a few clicks you can deploy a customer survey globally to all of your OnCue enabled websites while at the same time individual site owners can be running their own site specific research.   Gathering customer experience feedback from customer facing sites or employee feedback from Intranet websites has never been easier.

Using a single, universal tag on a website’s pages, OnCue eliminates factors that will typically make intercepting website visitors difficult or untimely. OnCue features rules to manage multiple research projects, a testing mode before going live, the ability to build customized, cross-browser, opt-in dialogs, and respondent filtering based upon browser, OS, Geo Locations, or IP addresses. OnCue has the ability to manage all this and more on a cloud-based platform that scales to any amount of website traffic.

OnCue allows market research and user experience professionals to leverage the toolsets they already use more effectively, or employ self-service tools that would have been too resource-consuming to deploy efficiently in the past. OnCue is new.  OnCue is different. OnCue puts the researcher in the driver’s seat.

Key Benefits

Eliminate the IT bottleneck

Save time and cut the cost of deploying research on your website. Simply tag all your pages one time with the same simple tag and then research often.

Control All Online Research

Determine How When and Where our curated tools interact with your site visitors to receive research or interact with applications such as web forms

Sample Site Visitors

Based on behavior (where they go on the site) and probability while filtering on country, region, IP address, OS and browser.

Easily Connect Tools

Pass data between OnCue’s curated tools to get a richer view of your site visitors’ experience.

No Coding Required

A simple point and click interface makes it easy to configure your research tools with no Javascript required.

Manage Your Research from Anywhere

OnCue’s responsive web design lets you manage your research from your desktop, your tablet or your smart phone. Make changes from home or the latest status meeting.

Unlimited Domains

Manage as many domains and web pages as you want. OnCue even let’s you manage research on multiple top domains as if they were one site**(safari users do not get this capability).

Manage Multiple Accounts

If you are an agency or market research firm that manages many clients site research, OnCue lets you manage all of them as a single master user.

The Creators

With over 40 combined years in user experience and customer experience research, we designed OnCue to facilitate “frictionless research” on any website that is simple enough for anyone to administer, cutting the time and IT effort associated with running site intercept research on a website in half.

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