5 Simple Solutions For Shopping Cart Abandonment

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We’ve talked about the top 5 reasons customers abandon their shopping carts; now let’s discuss the top 5 solutions to keep that from happening.

1. Make the Checkout Process user friendly

A visitor will leave during the checkout process if it’s not easy to navigate or understand all the costs at once. Make sure your checkout process is simple, and allows visitors to easily add, delete and update any items in their shopping cart.  Also, make sure the checkout process is not complex. Don’t ask for details that are not required, or have multiple forms/pages to fill out.

2. Provide easy to navigate shipping options (along with a cheap option)

Pnavigation 2rovide detailed shipping information across all rates. Since high shipping rates will scare off customers, make sure your rates are comparable to similar sites.

3. Secure your site

With stolen credit cards headlines in the news more and more, it’s crucial to put your customers at ease. Ensure your site has high security standards that are communicated to your visitors. If your site isn’t using some form of security measure, make security a priority for your site.

4. Manage customer inquiries ASAP

Your site visitors might have questions while shopping or checking out. Confirm contact info is always in a highly visible location on each page visited. In the event they send an email, respond quickly to keep from losing them as a customer.

5. Make your site as error free as possible

ErrorLosing site visitors because your site has broken links or lists items in stock that aren’t is an avoidable problem. Run regular error checks on your site, especially the shopping cart to ensure it’s completely free of errors and performance issues.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a jumpstart on bettering your site’s experience. Of course it’s impossible to predict all problems, that’s why shopping cart abandonment research is a vital weapon in the fight against cart abandonment. Contact us today to learn more about shopping cart abandonment analytics.

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