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Shopping Cart Abandonment. It’s one of the most infuriating questions e-commerce sites face today.  Why do site visitors abandon their shopping cart after spending so much time shopping? Studies show on average, 70% of visitors abandon their shopping carts for a variety of reasons: cost of shipping is too high, complicated checkout process, they were comparison shopping and plan to come back or, simply a way to wait out the clock till quitting time. (See the top 5 reasons users abandon their shopping carts)

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But how do you know if the visitor left your site because they are merely comparison shopping or if they actually reject your brand or site altogether? You could email the user to come back and purchase with a coupon, but how do you get their email if they left the site without signing in? You could hold their cart for 60 days and just cross your fingers they come back.

Or, you can set up a simple targeted survey as soon as they exit your site with OnCue and answer the most critical questions, why did this visitor abandon their cart and what can you do to convert them to customers. By surveying visitors that abandon carts, you are able to choose a path to recapture them by creating Ad retargeting or setting up recover email campaigns. But you wouldn’t know what to do if you don’t first ask the visitor why the left.

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Over the next few blog posts, we’ll expand on the features of Shopping Cart Abandonment and how it can help you understand why your customers are abandoning carts. The main thing to remember is that shopping cart abandonment is not necessarily a bad thing; it can lead to a purchase down the line. The trick becomes figuring out how to convert these visitors into paying customers and OnCue will help do that.

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