Top 5 Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Blog 1 ImageYou spent thousands of dollars creating your ideal website with all the bells and whistles only to have countless site visitors spend time browsing, adding items to their cart, then, leave without completing their transaction. So why did these site visitors abandonment their shopping cart? The reasons are countless but let’s take a look at the most common.

1. Delivery issues/ Cost of Shipping ; delivery options are unsuitable

One of the most common causes for the Shopping Cart Abandonment is the varying cost of shipping. Site visitors often see shipping as an unexpected cost due to the fact that they can’t see the amounts until they checkout then get frustrated and leave. Many site visitors will also decline to complete a purchase if package tracking options are not available.

2. Browsing…

Site visitors may not be ready to purchase and are browsing for fun or comparison shopping to see what’s available and may plan on coming back to purchase later. Or they could simply be just waiting out the clock at work.

3. Website navigation too hard or confusing, website time outs

If a site visitor has trouble finding their cart or the website keeps timing out, most site visitors will just leave frustrated and find what they need on another site never to return again.

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4. Checkout process is too long; excessive security checks

Site that don’t allow you to checkout as a guest and force a registration are also a large reason many visitors abandon their carts. In addition, security checks are great to ensure protection of the customer’s info but too many checks will annoy the customer and may cause them to leave without completing their purchase.

5. Items are out of stock at checkout time

Not keeping your website up to date with out of stock items or only showing they are out of stock until the checkout process will also cause customers to abandon.

After reviewing the most common causes for Shopping Cart Abandonment, you know have a better understanding of why your site visitors might have left but you still don’t know exactly why or how to get them back. That’s were OnCue comes in, distributing targeted surveys to cart abandoners asking exactly why they left.

Over the next few blog posts, we’ll further expand on Shopping Cart Abandonment and how OnCue can help.

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