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ClickTale_Session_Perspective ClickTale is a beautiful tool that allows you to visualize exactly what site visitors do on your site.  But only seeing what visitors do doesn’t help you understand why they did it and you want to get the full customer experience view. That’s where having the ability to ask your visitors questions is so valuable. But how do you tie their response back to their ClickTale data and get a more complete picture of exactly what this particular visitor did across the site? SM_ClickTale_Integration_Survey First, you will need to create a survey and integrate it with your website. For this example, we will use SurveyMonkey because it’s the most widely used survey system in the world. Second, you will need to take the site integration JavaScript from SurveyMonkey and add some code that will grab the ClickTale sessionID and pass it into the survey. That is of course if you are programmer, or you can talk your IT department into doing all of that integration for you. Plus, you can’t forget to turn off the survey and remove the SurveyMonkey JavaScript tag when you have collected all of your answers. Lucky for you, there is a better way.  OnCue®, a Digital Research Management System and a partner tool to ClickTale makes it simple to integrate SurveyMonkey and ClickTale. It also lets you eliminate the need for IT involvement as you easily manage your ClickTale and other customer experience tool implementations. You will need to tag your site with OnCue tags and after that, you can deploy ClickTale to targeted pages, or every page on your site customizing things like rate, create events and more.

SM_DataIntegration ClickTale_Search Since OnCue controls the integration of all of your customer experience, user experience and voice of the customer tools with your site, you can easily deploy ClickTale using OnCue’s exclusive “Perspective Mode” to capture a site visitor’s session just like any other analytics session; chaining the page views together even across multiple top level domains for a single browser session. Then when you intercept the visitor with a SurveyMonkey survey, OnCue manages everything about how you sample the site visitor, display the survey and it even automatically integrates the ClickTale and SurveyMonkey data sets together.

Analyze your SurveyMonkey data and build a list of ClickTale sessions you want to view. With OnCue orchestrating your website research you have the ability to know who the site visitors are, what they may have been trying to accomplish, if they had any problems and exactly what they did during their entire visit. I promise you will have a whole new perspective on using ClickTale and cystiner experience research in general when you not only see but completely understand. What could be more beautiful? ClickTaleSearchResults_Integration

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