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Here at Usability Sciences, we find ourselves in need of new forms relatively often. Whether we’re trying to capture feedback on a specific page or attempting to provide support for a product, we can always find a need for a new form. What seems to be the most frustrating aspect of form creation is the the time it takes and levels of personnel we traditionally have had to go through to successfully implement new forms.
This frustration is one of the reasons we designed and built OnCue.  No longer do we wait days or weeks to capture necessary data, but instead we can begin to capture data within minutes of creating our form in a tool like Wufoo. It’s not just forms we are able to implement, but also surveys, user experience, taxonomy, and analytics tools.
OnCue has the ability to provide all of these things simpler, faster, and without the use of the IT department.  OnCue allows for seamless integration of new forms on the go (that means it’s mobile ready). Watch the video below to learn more about OnCue in this informative demo of OnCue and Wufoo together.

Interested to learn more about OnCue?  Visit www.oncueresearch.com for full details.  You can even sign up to participate in our Beta. Wouldn’t it be nice to implement forms, surveys, and analytics tracking on the fly?

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