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Do you wish you knew more about what your visitors actually did on your website? When they come to your homepage, do you know what they actually look at and what they ignore? Are they seeing what you want them to see, and more importantly, are they doing what you want them to do? The sad reality is that most websites are completely blind to customer behavior inside the page, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

ClickTale is a unique solution that gives you a front row seat to watch, see and and understand your customers’ real-life online behavior.  Visitor recordings of individual customers navigating your site, as well as aggregate views such as heatmaps, reveal every mouse move, click, hover, and scroll of visitors interacting with your webpages.

Watch your visitors, discover why they leave and perfect your usability

If one of your visitors does not convert (which obviously never happens on your website!), ClickTale’s real-time Visitor Recordings show exactly where and why you lost a potential customer. You can then use this insight to make changes to the design, content, messaging and layout of the page in order to prevent this problem in the future. This ensures that you are continuously optimizing usability and maximizing conversion rates.

ClickTale is one of the solutions we have handpicked to integrate with our new product, OnCue, designed to make research easy, available, affordable, and scalable to websites of all sizes.

OnCue eliminates the roles of IT and JavaScript from your customer research life cycle with a single simple tag for your site and a dynamic research deployment and management system. With OnCue, you can deploy your new ClickTale account quickly and accurately without requiring input from your IT team.

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About ClickTale

ClickTale is the leader in Customer Experience Analytics, the next advance in web analytics, optimizing usability and maximizing conversion rates of any website. Its patented Customer Experience Visualization™ technology allows ebusinesses to see their customers’ true-to-life online experience at all levels of detail, from aggregated views to playable videos of users’ browsing sessions. Unlike traditional analytics platforms that assess page-to-page navigation, ClickTale reveals the customer experience inside the page. ClickTale, an enterprise-class SaaS solution, is fast to deploy and provides immediate ROI. Serving over 2,000 customers worldwide including Fortune 500 ebusinesses, ClickTale is the fastest growing company in its space.

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