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OnCue was designed primarily to facilitate online market research, but we quickly realized that it had a vast array of possible applications.  We knew there was a category of DIY tools that primarily focused on building online forms.  What makes a form different from a survey is how it is processed, and the systems that they integrate with. 

  • Contact forms that feed directly into CRM systems like SalesForce.com.
  • Forms that can actually take credit card information and process orders through a variety of credit card processing companies.
  • Feedback forms that generate support cases in a bug tracking software.
  • Forms built primarily for idea generation.

Whatever the need there are tools out there that let you quickly build an online form and either distribute it via email or embed it into your website.

123ContactForm is just such a company and we are happy to tell you they are also one of our valued partners.  Using OnCue to target and deploy forms built with 123ContactForm gives the users of both systems a powerful new way to interact with site visitors.  No more headaches associated with having a web developer change your website to integrate a form or a feedback button.  Just build the form, figure out where you want to show the form, and determine how you want the form to interact with the visitor.  Then simply deploy.

Watch a Video of deploying 2 types of 123ContactForm web forms  using OnCue.

Some example applications might be:

  1. You are not an ecommerce website but using OnCue and 123ContactForm web forms you could offer a special rate on a targeted service if they place their order right now.  Using OnCue you could move this special around to different services.
  2. You could pop up a form on your “Design Your Own Dress” page to solicit ideas about the feature.
  3. Maybe you want to get feedback from all site pages and want to deploy the 123ContactForm Feedback button.  With OnCue you can turn it on for all the pages or have different forms tied to the button on different pages with no extra programming required.

Want to give it a go? Signup to be a beta user for OnCue or go to 123ContactForm to learn more about their great product.

What would you do with a powerful form application like 123ContactForm and OnCue?

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